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WE’VE, NO HE’S GOT THE POWER, by Steve Sabol

In Western culture, we are used to having power at our fingertips. And it can be an intoxicating ex...more

Two Lists, By Don Sunshine

As full time Ambassadors for Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20), it is our job to move as many peopl...more

Money Talk: Financial jargon demystified, by Nolan Johnson

With plenty of technical jargon, an array of innovative and new financial products to tailor to yo...more

I was sure I'd made an enemy, by Dave Gregg,CSB Ministries

I learned quickly that “intense” was not a big enough word to properly describe Carson. Nope, I ...more

“Is this like the darkest night that you have ever seen, Philip?”by Philip Fortenberry

“Is this like the darkest night that you have ever seen, Philip?” Peter stated. I looked up from...more


Tech Corner- Paper, or no Paper

If you are at all like me, you fight a never-ending battle with paper clutter. Receipts, warranties,...more

Does your theology intersect with reality? by CavinHarper

Sometime ago I spent an amazing weekend with some dear friends and more than 300 men at a men’s re...more

Book Review- Bringing Heaven to Earth, by Josh Ross and Jonathan Storment

Nearly everyone who professes to be Christian will share their desire to reach Heaven someday, a wor...more

Teaching the Bible Matters, by Kirk Weaver

Too many parents are missing the irreplaceable phase of being a spiritual leader to their children. ...more

Tenebrae A Ritual of Shadows By Susan LeDoux

It is Good Friday in the year 715 AD. An imposing monastery towers over a small medieval town, as th...more

Answering the Questions of Life, by Dr. Dan Erickson

I have often wondered why people do what they do, live the way they live, say what they say, and mak...more


Video - our first issue is released!

Hear from Ron Heisey, Editor, about our first issue and why we exist... [more]

Video - learn a little more about us

This video explains in detail what Christian Man Magazine is all about... [more]


Read through the bible in a year

Reading the Bible through in a year is a worthy goal and helps you track your... [more]

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After the initial consultation, we will develop a game plan, including goals... [more]