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about the publisher

Our Mission- to provide today's man with tools and encouragement for navigating today's world.

I am probably just like many of you - in my 60's, married to my bride for 41 years, with 4 kids and 5 grandkids. I spent 40 years in various management and coaching positions, and developed a personal relationship with Jesus Christ 12 years ago. I have been active in men's ministry, and was praying to be used to reach more guys.

Christian Man Magazine is the door opened in response to those prayers.

We have been blessed to have a dozen ministry leaders come alongside us who share the
vision of reaching men through the medium in which they now live - on their IPads, Kindles
and Android devices.

Your fellow servant,


Every month read and digest insightful essays from some of today's top ministry leaders. Each has a specific area of passion which they will share with you.

Be Equipped.....

Our authors have cumulative hundreds of years of faithful service. They are accomplished teachers, and will provide an invaluable Christian education on a wide array of topics.


Explore deeper through our in-depth interviews, monthly book reviews, and free webinars. Explore a personal coaching relationship.