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Coaching Programs

Currently, we offer two different coaching programs. Choose from either:

Six Week Program
As a client, you will receive an introductory 30-minute consultation, 5 weekly 15-minute accountability sessions, daily 6-week email support, prayer support, a customized written game plan, and a complimentary annual subscription to Christian Man Magazine. $349.00 (one-time)

Ongoing Program
As a client, you will receive an introductory 30-minute consultation, two 30-minute accountability sessions each month, unlimited email support, a customized written game plan, prayer support, and a complimentary subscription to Christian Man Magazine. $179.00/month

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Christian Coaching Corner

How to know you are a candidate for Christian Coaching services:

  • You feel that you’re not living up to your God-given potential
  • You want to be more plugged in to a church or ministry, but don’t know where you fit
  • You have good intentions, but life keeps getting in the way
  • You need to be accountable to someone to stay on track
  • You’re not comfortable sharing your heart with your Pastor or men in your local church
  • You want to be a better husband/father/grandfather
  • You would like to put together a solid game plan for spiritual growth, along with well-defined, achievable action steps to get there
  • You would like an additional prayer partner

If any or all of these statements describe you, you may benefit from having a personal coach. I am now accepting clients who have a deep desire to improve their Christian walk.

How it works

Prior to our first Skype or phone consultation, you will be asked to complete an Coaching Questionnaire. You will be asked to provide some basic information, and describe briefly your strengths, areas you would like to strengthen, current spiritual condition, status of relationships, church affiliation and activity, etc.

The purpose is so that we can “hit the ground running” during our initial consultation. After the initial consultation, we will develop a game plan, including goals and strategies for achieving them. The game plan will be implemented, progress discussed and encouragement provided, in ongoing email exchanges, as well as scheduled Skype/phone conversations. We will chart progress, discuss any hurdles which have arisen, and revise or implement new goals as indicated.

We believe every man needs a track to run on, and does best when he is accountable to someone for his progress in staying on that track. Our aim is to provide that service for those men who, for whatever reason, are not comfortable seeking that support in their local church. Coaching clients will have access to a private Facebook group, where they can interact with other men in similar situations. Participation is optional.

What’s your spiritual life worth?

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